It’s been over 30 years since your last visit to Sweden, can you recall were you played that time?

– I can’t remember what concert hall I played 30 years ago with Dr Hook, but, about 15 years ago, I appeared on a Swedish TV show called Bingolotto and debuted a couple of songs from my new solo album, Out Of The Dark. I didn’t win any money but I had a good time.

We met a fan the other day that told us he saw you and Dr Hook at the Roskilde festival years ago, playing naked! Is those wild days behind you or should we be prepared for anything?

– I’d like to think my show is still fun and I try to keep it as spontaneous as I can, but I can assure everyone I will keep my clothes on the entire time. That’s the best thing for everyone concerned.

Talking about your performance. We understand you will be playing a lot of Dr Hook classics and also newer solo material, can you reveal anything about your set?

– Because it’s been a long time since I played in Sweden there are so many songs I would like to do, both old and new, but I know I won’t have the time. As you said, it will be a mix of classic Hook and solo work I hope people will enjoy. I think the audience and I might both be surprised.

You have a lot of great records and songs. Which song are you most proud of and why?

– As much as I love the old Hook material I am even more proud of the the albums I recorded as a solo artist because they reflect who I am now. The past is nice but there’s nothing like the present.

You have released a couple of solo albums the last few years, do you have any new releases planned in the near future?

– I have released three solo albums, Out Of The Dark, One Of The Lucky Ones and Post Cool.

– The first two are in a boxed set titled Retrospection and Post Cool is available individually. I think fans of what I did with Dr Hook would really enjoy them. I’m always writing so I have plenty of songs but at the moment I’m concentrating more on my cartoons and trying to get them displayed in an exhibit here in England. Always looking for new ways to communicate with people.

Before you became famous and sold millions of records and toured the world, you played at local bars in New Jersey. Did you play your own material or were you more of a cover band at that point? And if so what kind of music would you be playing?

– When we played in bars we did whatever it took to keep us from getting killed. Some of the places were pretty rough and music seemed to calm even the craziest souls down a little. So everything from The Beatles to George Jones was in our sets, as well as whatever we could make up on the spot.

We know that many hardcore fans are constantly on the search for rare material. Do you know if there are any never before heard Dr Hook outtakes laying around that someday could be released?

– There are still a few rare recordings floating around out there and plenty get passed between fans as ‘bootlegs’, though the sound quality of them is pretty good to very bad. Whether these things will ever be released ‘officially’ is not up to me, so I have no idea.